There are many places to help out physically at Camp Grace. Whatever your gift, there is probably a place

for you to use it here. We specifically need:


Released Time Teachers: These individuals give their time one day

                                     a month to teach Bible classes at a local

                                     public school. We will provide the lessons

                                     and training! If you are interested in this

                                     ministry, please contact Gary Rowe or call

                                     our office at (910) 628-6326.

Groundskeepers:             If you can ride a lawnmower, run a weed-eater, handle a chainsaw, or even pick up sticks and

                                     debris, we always have work available making our 240 acre property look its best for our

                                     activities and guest groups. If you would like to help, please contact John Martens and let him                                      know when you are available.

Odd Job Specialists:         We regularly need all kinds of help with things as simple as stuffing envelopes for a mailing,

                                     painting a deck, data entry in a computer, cleaning a cabin etc. If you would like to be notified

                                     when we need help, please contact John Martens and let him know how you would be willing

                                     to serve.

Skilled Laborers:              You name the skill and we regularly need it here. If you operate heavy machinery, or are an

                                     electrician, plumber, carpenter, engineer, drywall finisher, etc., and would like to help us,

                                     please contact John Martens so that we can add you to our volunteer staff list.