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Registration opens February 1st!

Interested in working at camp this summer?

2024 Theme

Paul wrote to Timothy “…I fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” This Olympics themed summer, we’re going to be learning more about what it means to “run the race” of life and how to compete well. We want to be able to say, like Paul, that we followed after Jesus the entire way. So start training now, it’s going to be an action-packed summer as we compete to complete! 

Activities & Addons

We believe in the power of camp! There is something special about being in a safe place where you can have fun and learn about God. There is value in putting the phone down, making new friends, and worshipping together for an entire week.

We believe that campers should be able to say two things after leaving a week of camp at Camp Grace.

1. I learned a TON from God's Word.
2. I had a TON of fun.

That is our top priority for our campers. However, there is a third priority that we have for our parents. We want Camp Grace to be safe. Here are some of the measures that we are taking to ensure the safety of your camper.


  • Our camper to staff ratio never exceeds 3:1.

  • All staff go through a thorough application process, including references, interview, and background checks for adult staff.

  • Staff are required to go through a week of training.

  • At least three certified lifeguards are on duty at every swim time, with more staff in the water.

  • A registered nurse is on standby, with a team of other trained rescue professionals on campus at all times.


To see a full list, see our standards page.


In addition to swimming every day, we have 3 activity periods each day where your camper will have the opportunity to experience our wide range of activities if they choose. Our extensive list includes:












  • 9 SQUARE



















While not every activity listed will be available everyday, your camper will have the opportunity to experience these at least once during their week of camp.

2024 Camp Add-ons

Tie Dye Craft  Includes shirt* and all supplies!      $20     

Night Under the Stars  Includes S'mores, campfire, night hike, songs, & stargazing!      $10

Color Run/Color War  We've moved to liquid paint and the results are spectacular!      $25

  • Color Run for Pathfinder Camp

  • Color War for Trailblazer and Teen Camp

*Includes plain white t-shirt but an optional white t-shirt with the camp logo can be purchased at The Refuge for $10

The Refuge & Camp Store

Your child can visit our snack shack, "The Refuge", twice everyday where we sell snacks and drinks. They will also be able to visit the Camp Store, where we sell Camp Grace merchandise and other goodies, once during the week. 


You can preload snack and store money in your child's account prior to your week of camp and even reload it during the week if they are a little ambitious in their spending. We recommend putting about $50 in your child's account. 

Some Popular items in The Refuge and Camp Store include:

The Refuge

  • Sodas - $1.00

  • Candy - $1.50

  • Lattes (Teen Week Only) - $3.00

  • Nachos - $2.00

  • Popcorn - $1.50

  • Ice Cream Sandwiches - $1.50

  • Popsicles - $0.50

Camp Store

  • Hoodies - $32.50

  • Journal - $6.00

  • Water Bottle - $3.00

  • Stuffed Animals - $15.00

  • Retro Camp T-shirts - $5.00

  • Lanyards - $5.00

  • Bracelets - $1.00

*Pricing based on 2023 prices; subject to change

Grab Bags

While your campers can visit the camp store and pick out items for themself, you also have the option to purchase a grab bag in advance in one of three tiers: $15, $25, & $50. Each bag is filled with items based on your campers age, gender, & favorite color. Examples of each tier might include but is not limited to:


  • Retro Camp T-shirt

  • Sticker

  • Temporary Tattoo

  • Bracelet

  • Journal


  • Retro Camp T-shirt

  • Sticker

  • Temporary Tattoo

  • Bracelet

  • Stuffed Animal

  • Water Bottle


  • Retro Camp T-shirt

  • Sticker

  • Temporary Tattoo

  • Bracelet

  • Stuffed Animal

  • Water Bottle

  • Drawstring Bag

  • Journal + Pencil

  • Frisbee

  • Bandana

*Specific items might vary based on availability and preferences. Each bag will be filled with its dollar amount value at a minimum.

Registration Process

Last year we changed our registration process to be more streamlined by encouraging everyone to register online well in advance before camp starts. This allows an expedited drop-off on the day of camp. The price of camp is $295. This includes five nights in a cabin (Sunday - Friday), fifteen meals (Sunday dinner - Friday lunch), and access to our regular weekly program (daily activities, swimming, Bible studies, and more). This fee goes straight back to your child's week of camp, covering their lodging, food, activities, and cabin and activity leaders. 

The best way for us to streamline the registration process is to receive registration forms and payment early, so we want to give discounts to those who register before March 31st. Conversely, late registrations cause disruptions and last minute changes to our program. Any registration received after June 1st will incur a $20 late registration fee.

Here's the breakdown:

  • February 1st: Registration opens ($25 early bird discount)!

  • March 31st: Early Bird Registration ends.

  • June 1st: Late Registration period begins ($20 added to camp fee)

When you register, please be sure to fill out all required information. Remember, a $50 deposit is needed to guarantee your spot. Further, we encourage everyone to pay the full sum at least one week before their camp session to finish their registration process.

If you have completed all of the registration process before arriving at your week of camp, you will go through our expedited drop-off, essentially allowing you to "skip the line" and go straight to the cabin. If you have medication to turn in, you will do so at our medical registration area as you exit. this is in an effort to make drop-off fast and easy, but only for those who have completed all of the information online ahead of time.

Any camper that is missing information or payments from their online registration will be required to park and finish the process in the Dining Hall.

Our online registration software, Campwise, should tell you if there is anything missing in your registration. All missing information is in red. Please help us, and yourself, by supplying that information before your week of camp.

As always, if you have any questions, we would love to help. At the bottom of this page is a list of frequently asked questions and a full video walkthrough of the entire online registration process with timestamps for each section you may be having trouble with. If you still have any questions or issues, don't hesitate to email us at or call at (910) 628-6326.

We can't wait to see you this summer!

Which week is right for you?

The most exciting time for us at Camp Grace is the summer! We spend the entire year before summer camp planning, preparing, and praying for 8 weeks of fun-filled action. We tailor these 8 weeks for specific age groups so that we can effectively minister to our campers. Our days are jam-packed with fun activities and times to connect with God. Every day, there are 4 intentional Bible study times in which our staff or camp speaker pour into the lives of our campers. 

We strive to keep Camp Grace a safe environment. There are medical professionals on the property at all times, and we are certified with CCCA (Christian Camp and Conference Association). Learn more about our weeks of camp with the information below!



Our discover camp is perfect for any young child. This high energy camp has the right mixture of outside games, snack times, swimming, and Bible lessons tailored to their age range. Children who attend this camp start the day at 8:30 and go home at 4:15, and we can guarantee that they will have plenty of stories to tell on the car ride home. We hope that every day as they discover God’s creation, they will start to understand what it means to follow Jesus!



A big day of camp for our smallest group of campers.




Pathfinder camp is for our youngest group of overnight campers. With a wide range of ages that these weeks cover, we hope to give first-time campers a laughter-filled and engaging experience, all the while giving returning campers a unique adventure that is both refreshing and exciting! With activities tailored for younger ages, we strive to make sure that your child has a safe time, but we also will push them to try new things and make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. We call this week “Pathfinder” camp because we will be teaching our campers how to read and study their Bible. We want them to find the path that leads them to a deeper understanding of Jesus!



Graduate into
overnight camp.

Trailblazer Two-97.jpg



Trailblazer camp is for our campers who are ready to deepen their relationship with God, all the while learning what it means to be a leader. Our goal is to model what it means to lead the way, not just spiritually, but also through a broader range of activities in which they can participate. There will be elective activities on basic survival skills. Is your camper more interested in sports? Then trailblazer camp is also perfect for them; we offer sports options during every activity period. Trailblazers also get to experience a night activity during their stay! We hope that through intentional Bible study, powerful messages during chapel, and young people modeling true leadership, your camper will be equipped to be a trailblazer!



Learn what it means to be a leader.

Trailblazer Two-208.jpg



Teen week is for our oldest group of campers, and it is packed with opportunities to learn about God’s Word, all the while enjoying a schedule filled with the most options for activities. Between all-week sports tournaments, nightly special activities, and numerous opportunities for spiritual growth and development, our desire is that teen week would show your young man or woman what it means to be a spiritual leader and follower of Jesus. The week is specifically tailored for their age group, and we love being able to pour into our teens because we know that they are the future staff of Camp Grace!

Experience God during our most intense week.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are you stuck somewhere in the registration process? We have a detailed walkthrough of the entire process where you can follow along the whole time or use the timestamps to get to the part where you need help. We also have the answers to many frequently asked questions down below the video.

  • Hall of Fame Campers (Over 100,000 Experience Points)"
    Scott Carpenter* Jon Dial* Lydia Huguenin* Carissa Locklear* Mark Martens* Timmy Martens* James Priest* Luke Priest* Dustin Williams* Hayley Williams* *Honorary members of this list.
  • Gold Level Campers (Over 60,000 Experience Points)"
    Lexie Hinson Ben Petersen
  • Silver Level Campers (Over 25,000 Experience Points)"
    Nathan Crabtree Chloe Eggert Josiah Hilton Ashlyn Pendley Ben Petersen Abbey Polverari
  • Bronze Level Campers (Over 10,000 Experience Points)"
    Kloe Aguiar Kendall Anderson Noah Andrews Tatum Belcher Pamela Bell Luke Bowen Anderson Brayboy Devin Brayboy Josiah Brooks Aydan Bullard Zachary Burke Brice Chavis Marissa Chavis Nathan Connor, Elijah Cummings Jaron Cummings Ethan Driggers Elias Ellefson Ben Ervin Ethan Evans Page Freeman Payton Gall Mason Hall Cayden Hammonds Chloe Hammonds Elijah Hammonds Kinsli Harris Lauren Herring Ben Hunt Hannah Hunt Kaley Hunt Eithan Jacobs Junior Jacobs Avery Jones James Jones Jessica Jones Kennedy Jones Rachel Jones Tryston Jones Lauren Lamb Macey Lamb Abigail Leggett Ethan Leggett Charles Locklear Christian Locklear Dahlia Locklear Kira Locklear Tristin Locklear Gaige Lowery Logan Lowery McKinley Lowery Monica Lowry Jake McGirt Mark McGirt Kenneth McCoy Chandler McKenzie Kaylee Morgan Connor Oldham Rion Oxendine Colin Park Rileigh Pate Melanie Pendley Carson Phillips Maddox Powers Eric Priest Lillyonna Ransom Jakota Rogers Collin Sampson Gabe Scott Damion Smith Emily Smith Alyssa Stone Trinity Thompson Ashlin Todd Greyson Townsend Autumn Walters Kia Wesley Destiny Williamson Meah Wood
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