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Camp Grace is prepared to offer an amazing experience of fun and learning about God for children as young as kindergarteners to teenagers about to pack up for college. We are also excited to offer camps throughout the entire year with our retreats in both the Fall and the Spring. 

We have a camp experience that your child is going to love!





Summer Camp

Summer Camp

The most exciting time for us at Camp Grace is the summer! We spend the entire year before summer camp planning, preparing, and praying for 8 weeks of fun-filled action. We tailor these 8 weeks for specific age groups so that we can effectively minister to our campers. Our days are jam-packed with fun activities and times to connect with God. Every day, there are 4 intentional Bible study times in which our staff or camp speaker pour into the lives of our campers. 

We strive to keep Camp Grace a safe environment. There are medical professionals on the property at all times, and we are certified with CCCA (Christian Camp and Conference Association). Learn more about our weeks of camp with the information below!

2024 Camp Add-ons

Tie Dye Craft \\ Includes shirt and all supplies!      $15     

Night Under the Stars \\ Includes S'mores, campfire, night hike, songs, & stargazing!      $10

NEW Color Activity \\ We've moved to liquid paint and the results are spectacular!      $20

      \ Color Run for Pathfinder Camp
      \ Color War for Trailblazer and Teen Camp

Optional white t-shirt with camp logo for Tie Dye and Color War available at the refuge for $10



AGES 5-8

Our discover camp is perfect for any young child. This high energy camp has the right mixture of outside games, snack times, swimming, and Bible lessons tailored to their age range. Children who attend this camp start the day at 8:30 and go home at 4:15, and we can guarantee that they will have plenty of stories to tell on the car ride home. We hope that every day as they discover God’s creation, they will start to understand what it means to follow Jesus!



A big day of camp for our smallest group of campers.



AGES 7-11

Pathfinder camp is for our youngest group of overnight campers. With a wide range of ages that these weeks cover, we hope to give first-time campers a laughter-filled and engaging experience, all the while giving returning campers a unique adventure that is both refreshing and exciting! With activities tailored for younger ages, we strive to make sure that your child has a safe time, but we also will push them to try new things and make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. We call this week “Pathfinder” camp because we will be teaching our campers how to read and study their Bible. We want them to find the path that leads them to a deeper understanding of Jesus!



Graduate into
overnight camp.

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AGES 11-13

Trailblazer camp is for our campers who are ready to deepen their relationship with God, all the while learning what it means to be a leader. Our goal is to model what it means to lead the way, not just spiritually, but also through a broader range of activities in which they can participate. There will be elective activities on basic survival skills. Is your camper more interested in sports? Then trailblazer camp is also perfect for them; we offer sports options during every activity period. Trailblazers also get to experience a night activity during their stay! We hope that through intentional Bible study, powerful messages during chapel, and young people modeling true leadership, your camper will be equipped to be a trailblazer!



Learn what it means to be a leader.

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AGES 13-18

Teen week is for our oldest group of campers, and it is packed with opportunities to learn about God’s Word, all the while enjoying a schedule filled with the most options for activities. Between all-week sports tournaments, nightly special activities, and numerous opportunities for spiritual growth and development, our desire is that teen week would show your young man or woman what it means to be a spiritual leader and follower of Jesus. The week is specifically tailored for their age group, and we love being able to pour into our teens because we know that they are the future staff of Camp Grace!

Experience God during our most intense week.



Weekend Retreats


When your camper comes home from camp, what do you tell them when they say they want to go back? Well, our answer to that question is, "Come to our retreats!" These retreats are packed full of all the fun that can be had during a week of summer camp in just one weekend. Our schedule has at least three Bible sessions built in, along with plenty of time to participate in activities and make new friends in their cabin. 

Whether you're child is a "pro" at camp or a first-timer, retreats are the perfect break away from school. During this time, your child will learn about God all the while enjoying the world that He has created for them. They also serve as a "road map" to our summer camp, so if you want to have a complete summer experience, make sure you're attending all of our retreats! Don't miss out! Retreats do not have quite as much space, so be sure to register as soon as it opens!

Check out the dates below and keep an eye out on our events page for when registration opens!


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