Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What will my child be doing during the day?

  • Every day is different, but they will have a morning devotional time with their cabin group, various camp activities and group games throughout the day, a Bible class as well as an evening Bible chapel, at least two Cove snack times and three meals each day, swim time each afternoon and an extra special campfire service and late night skit night on Thursday. There is very little down time. After all, Camp Grace is "An Adventure That Lasts a Lifetime!"

 2. What activities are offered during the week?

  • In addition to all of the crazy group games that our program staff comes up with each week, there is always basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, ultimate frisbee, human foosball, baconball, bladderball, carpetball, mini-golf, disc golf, ladder bolos, traversing wall, archery, pellet guns, slingshots, paddleboats, paddleboards, canoeing, fishing, 9-square-in-the-air, swimming, tarzan swing, water slide, log roll, crafts, rockets, board games, swings, playground, etc. etc. etc.

 3. Who watches out for my child's safety when I'm not there?

  • We take this question very seriously. The safety of EVERY child, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is a primary concern for us. Emergency procedures are both in place and regularly practiced by our staff. Each cabin has two assigned counselors for no more than 12 campers. All of our activities are staffed and monitored by trained program staffers. We employ a full-time RN, a nurse's assistant, Red Cross certified life guards and CPR certified first responders. Total trained staff to camper ratio is always better than 1:3.

 4. How good are your staff members?

  • We only select the very best to work at Camp Grace. Everyone goes through an extensive criminal background check, multiple references are checked, and a personal interview is conducted before an applicant is ever accepted. Our full-time staff and many volunteers are in constant prayer over those being considered for our summer staff. Our entire summer staff then goes through an INTENSE training week where we cover everything from proper disciplinary techniques, characteristics of every age group, and identifying personality types to how to paddle a canoe.

 5. Where will my child be sleeping?

  • Our cabins are all block with both heat and air conditioning. They have private bathroom stalls, private shower and changing areas, and bunk beds with safety rails on the top bunks. Each child will need twin sheets or a sleeping bag and a pillow, but in an emergency, we would supply those as well. If they sign up for tent camping then they will spend one night in a family sized tent out on the sand near the swimming hole. A sleeping bag is highly encouraged for tent camping.

 6. What if my child gets homesick?

  • This is an extremely rare situation. However, our staff is well trained to handle any minor homesickness and more often than not, children gain confidence to be away from home more easily after attending an overnight camp like Camp Grace. You as parents can be our biggest allies against homesickness or the greatest cause of it. Tell your children that you will be very proud of them when they return after a week of summer camp to tell you all of their adventures. Reassure them that you will be fine without them for one week and encourage them to enjoy new activities and making new friends.

 7. What if I get homesick for my child?

  • This actually happens all the time and it is perfectly normal for you to feel that way. We will help you through this as much as we can while still helping your child succeed at this important step in their life of being away from home. You can e-mail or write letters to your child, and your child can write letters back to you (please send them with stamped envelopes and paper), but unless there is an emergency, your child will not be permitted to use the phone. If you get to the point that you need reassurance of your child's well-being, please call the camp office and we will go speak to your

child's counselors and inquire about their specific well-being to report back to you. Also, please take advantage of our social media outlets! We will post daily pictures and some videos on Facebook (in private groups) and on Instagram so that you can see your child having a great time at camp. During some weeks, we will even live-stream our chapel services or special events so that you can experience part of camp with your child without distracting them or our other campers from the important lessons being taught. When they do get home, ask to see their experience handbook and listen to all of their new stories!

 8. Why can't my child have a cell phone at camp?

  • There are many reasons why we don't allow cell phones at Camp Grace. First, camp is a place to unplug from modern society and learn to love God, His word, and His created world as our mission statement says. We want to take a week away from digital distractions so that God can speak to us in His still, small voice. Second, it is a major safety concern for all of our campers. It only takes two seconds for someone to take a photo in a cabin or other private area and then upload it to a social media site without realizing that your daughter (or mine) was changing clothes in the

background. Third, phones can cause homesickness. The ability to call home and complain in any brief moment of unhappiness or boredom may lead to actually returning home and missing out on all of the absolutely incredible, life-changing moments of camp.

 9. What if my child is a picky eater or has food allergies?

  • Our camp food is some of the best around. We realize that we cannot please everyone, but we will absolutely make sure that no one starves while at camp. All food allergies are tracked and carefully avoided or an alternate meal is created. A wide variety of food is always offered for picky eaters, but if there is a great concern or if a full alternate diet is required, we may ask you to provide easy to prepare meals for your child that can be stored and prepared in the camp kitchen by our chef.