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As much as we wish we could have summer camp this summer, the current state of affairs in our state has prevented us from following through with those plans. However, we still hope to offer your child resources for them to learn about God and have fun, even if they cannot come on campus. That is why we have made “Camp Grace @ Home,” an at-home alternative to a full week of camp. 


Inside the box, you’ll find the following:

  • A booklet to walk your camper through their week
    of Camp Grace @ Home. This booklet will also link
    you to companion instructional videos, recorded
    chapel services from our speakers,  and access codes
    for the website in which you can access all of our content!

  • Crafts that all ages would love.

  • A collection of recipes from our camp cook that you can
    make with common household ingredients.

  • Supplies you need for a special game of tag, with a twist!

  • A “Camp Grace @ Home” T-Shirt!

  • Some Camp Store items as a thank you for doing the program!


The box costs only $25 for everything listed above! 

If your internet capabilities are limited, we are offering a $8 thumbdrive with the chapel services, instruction videos, and other media goodies pre-loaded!


You can pick up your boxes at Camp starting June 15th! Or, we can ship the box to you for a $10 shipping and handling fee. Pre-order today!


If you are a church group leader who is buying boxes for your church or if you would like to fund boxes for a camper in need, you can do that here:

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