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years serving community

campers experience the Gospel every year

awarded in scholarship since inception 

leaders trained yearly

students in correspondence course

We believe camp is "an adventure that lasts a lifetime."

Now more than ever, camp is a vital tool for the spiritual growth and development for young people. As our culture becomes more based around "screen time," we strive to create an unplugged environment that is both fun and safe. Learn more on why believe in camp by reading this article

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Ethan Evans, Sr. Counselor

I've  been involved with Camp since I was four years old through Released Time, Mailbox Lessons, summer camp, and working kitchen staff. Now, I work as a counselor. I've met so many people who have had an impact on me, and was led to Christ at Camp Grace. Through Camp, I have not only grown as a person, but my relationship in Christ has grown exponentially.

Caitie Eggert, Head Counselor

Working at Camp has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and it has taught me that through Christ I can make an impact even at my young age. This place has not only provided me with opportunities to serve the Lord and to form bonds that last forever, but it has also played a key role in shaping me into a confident spiritual leader.

Colin Oxendine, Jr. Counselor

When I was the same age as my camper, I understood my salvation at Gamp Grace. I saw the pain and suffering that Jesus went through simply because he loved me. Camp Grace is more than a place of fun with amazing people. It’s about having the opportunity to get closer to God surrounded by people with the same objective, and that is to serve the Lord. 

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