ROOTS: A Foundation For Life

A Biblically based, character driven outdoor education ministry

ROOTS is a full day science field trip available to public, private, and home-school groups. Our outdoor classroom brings children face to face with nature and life lessons. We believe that by using an interactive approach and using all five senses to observe our world, the students will understand and retain more information while developing a curiosity that will lead to more learning.

Discover... an appreciation for the design of nature.

  • Children may hike trails, dig and experiment with soils, "become" a tree and disperse seeds as they spend a day engaged in hands on science that will help them meet the NC Science Essential Standards.

  • Character traits taught may include: Value, Purpose, Patience, Order, Faith, etc.

Activities are specifically designed to address standards: 3.L.2.1-3.L.2.4

Deepen... your understanding of native and non-native wildlife.

  • Conquer your fears, investigate common misconceptions and understand animal behavior in an up close encounter with skulls, skins and LIVE animals from here in NC and across the globe.

  • Character traits taught may include: Courage, Respect, Resourcefulness, Truth, Kindness, etc.

Animal encounters are available for all age groups.

Develop... communication, trust, faith and leadership skills.

  • Students will learn the "science of survival" as they participate in a variety of activities and team building initiatives designed to strengthen group unity and critical thinking skills.

  • Character traits taught may include: Humility, Attentiveness, Determination, Wisdom, etc.

Team building initiatives are only available for 5th grade and up.

General program times begin with the group arrival at 9:00 am and end with departure at 2:00 pm. A lunch break between morning and afternoon sessions allows students the opportunity to refresh, visit the camp store and check out some of Camp Grace's year round activities. Program times and content are flexible based on the individual needs of the group to accommodate for driving distance and school schedules. The standard cost is $5.00 per student and no cost for adult chaperones.