1. All players must have a filled out and signed Paintball Waiver and Release form on file with Camp Grace

(players ages 12-17 must have this form signed by a parent or guardian).


2. All rules and signs must be followed. The field referees have the authority to remove a player for non-sportsmanlike or hazardous behavior without a refund.

3. Camp Grace has its own paintball woods course. All games are closely monitored by our trained staff.

4. You must be 12 years old or older to play paintball. There are no exceptions.

5. Personal equipment and markers must be turned in when you arrive for inspection and approval before being used on the field.

6. Only field paint and paintballs purchased at Camp Grace are allowed on the field of play.

7. Players should be prepared to play in clothes that will get dirty! However, the paint will wash out of most fabrics with ease. Long pants and sleeves are recommended.

8. Closed toed shoes are required to play. No sandals, flip flops, or bare feet are allowed on the paintball course.

9. Paintball is a safe and fun sport. However, with all adventurous activities there are inherent risks. Camp Grace will not be held liable for an individual’s behavior that acts with disregard for the field rules and procedures which may cause them injury.

Pricing Packages (A day of play is approx. 2 hours of actual playtime)


  • One-Day VIP Package (Field Fee, Mask, Marker, CO2 with unlimited refills, 200 Paintballs): $25 per person


  • Two-Day VIP Package (Field Fee, Mask, Marker, CO2 with unlimited refills, 200 Paintballs per day): $45 per person

Individual Pricing (A player may choose this option if they bring their own marker

                                              and some personal equipment)

  • Field Fee (Includes Field, Referees, Mask, CO2 tank, and 200 Paintballs): $15

  • Additional Paintballs (Additional balls must be purchased by the lot prior to use)

                One hopper (200 balls): $7

                One bag (500 balls): $15
                Half box (1000 balls): $25
                Full box (2000 balls): $45​


  • CO2 Refills

                9 oz: $1.50
                16 oz: $2.50
                20 oz: $3.00