Missions Project

Normally during a summer time, we raise over $5000 for our mission project. Though we realize circumstances are different this year, we still wanted to give our “Camp Grace @ Home” participants an opportunity to be able to give to another mission project. Our heart is that everyone understand that missions is global, and we want to partner with those who are the Hands and Feet of Jesus in other countries.


This year, we are supporting the “Filling Station” in Honduras! One of the main ministries that they are doing, especially during this time of Pandemic, is giving the women in the area a way to provide for their families. They do this by employing women to make arts and crafts to sell in the United States. This is especially an important source of income because many of the people in Honduras have lost their ability to work and make money because of Covid-19. By supporting the Filling Station, you are giving these families the ability to buy their own food, and they are doing so through work that they are doing with their own hands. 

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