Our Logo

               A logo is such a small thing, but it can and should be something that conveys to those around you, who you are and what you do. So, what does this logo say about Camp Grace? I’m so glad you asked.

Symbolism in the shades and colors:

          Right away you’ll notice that we did not go with vibrant, bright colors and instead opted for darker shades.  Brighter colors would catch people’s attention more, but we are not trying to draw people’s attention to us.  Darker colors convey more of a depth in everything we do or a seriousness about what we do. Camp Grace is a place for fun, but that is not our primary purpose.  Our primary purposes of reaching people with the gospel of Christ and training them to serve Him, is something we take very seriously.

Red (Maroon): 

          Traditionally, in corporate logo symbolism, red conveys passion, love, power, health, emergency, life-saving, or vitality among other things. In Biblical symbolism, red was used to stand for fine materials, blood, or the remission of sin. Red is a good color for us at the top of our logo as a reminder that we serve the God of all power and of all love. It also seems to depict a rising or setting sun (we prefer to see it as a rising sun). If you want to tie it into our mission statement, red reminds us that we are teaching people “to love God” Himself. Regardless, we should be passionate about what we do as we convey the vital truth that is life-saving to a world that is in a true emergency state. We are in the business of giving out the finest of information that through the blood of Christ, we can fully experience the remission of all sin!


          Green has always been the color that symbolizes growth as well as nature. It’s also the primary color for calmness, conservation, and life. Green reminds us that we must continue growing ourselves in our relationship with the one and only living God. This color quite literally represents the green of nature all around us at Camp Grace and can easily tie into our mission statement reminding us that we are teaching people to conserve and love “His created world.” We also take a righteous pride in being a place of calmness, where people can get away from life’s business and hear the quiet, small voice of God.


          Blue is the most desired of colors for corporate logos. It traditionally stands for everything from water, depth, strength, and peace, to professionalism, confidence, security, trust, and seriousness. Biblical examples of color symbolism with blue bring out the meanings of water, Heaven, holiness, and the Holy Spirit. Blue reminds us that we can have confidence and remain strong as we serve our God, no matter what opposition comes against us. In our visual depiction of Camp Grace, blue stands for our Lake Blue and helps us remember how this ministry began with Mrs. Elsie May Blue asking for Miss Grace Garthwaite to come teach the Bible to the children of her people, the Lumbee Indians. It ties into our mission statement as it reminds us that we are here to teach people to love “His word” the Holy Bible. We also hope that we will always be thought of as a place of peace and professionalism, a secure place with trustworthy people seeking minister to all the children and families around us.


Symbolism in the shape and design:

               In many cases, our logo may not be able to appear in full color. Many of our store items and branded materials require us to tell our story with a single solid color, which is often just black or white. So, taking that into consideration, the shape and design say a lot about us as well.

A diamond:       

          Whether it appears by itself, with just a CG or with the full Camp Grace, Children’s Bible Ministries logo, the diamond is the main focus of our logo. In the oldest uses, this diamond shape is called an Ingwuz rune and is the foundational geometric shape meaning creation. This shape represents our beginning. As already mentioned, our beginning dates back to Mrs. Elsie May Blue and Miss Grace Garthwaite coming together to minister to the children of the Lumbee Indians. Conveniently enough, the Ingwuz rune is often seen in Native American culture and stands for wind, a living force in and of itself, a god, a power that is capable of communicating a larger-than-life language to those who would hear it. In this way, the diamond shape stands for God Himself. We serve the one and only living force, the true God, the creator of the world and everything in it. He is the One that communicates a larger-than-life message to those who will hear Him. In our modern world, the diamond is the symbol for eternity (diamonds are forever), perfection, faithfulness, love, purity, innocence, and relationships (think engagement rings). This ties the diamond into our mission statement. “We exist” (we were created) “to serve children and families” (eternal relationships).

The waves:        

          We’ve already had people ask why our diamond has flaws and is broken into pieces. The easy answer is that we like this modern look, it makes our symbol a little more unique and memorable and conveys the look of water even when you don’t get to see the colors. However, I see deeper meaning even in the waves. As already stated, the diamond truly stands for God, but we are not God. You see, we are broken vessels meant to point people to God. Even so, I don’t think this diamond (representing us) is breaking apart, I think it’s still coming together. We are in the process of becoming more like God as we serve Him in His ministry to the people around us.

The words:        

          “Camp Grace” is our nickname and how people know us. Our official name is Children’s Bible Ministries of the Mid-Atlantic, Inc., but that doesn’t roll off the tongue as well. Still, we are so much more than just a summer camp. So, when you see “Children’s Bible Ministries,” we hope that you will remember that we are a year-round ministry that offers regular spiritual retreats and events to all ages, Bible correspondence courses to all school-age children, teaches Released Time Bible classes to about 3,500 students each month, provides science field trips to school children through the ROOTS program and are open 10 months of the year to host guest group retreats of all kinds as well. We are also a part of a larger organization called Children’s Bible Ministries that has ministry areas all across the Southeastern United States and is expanding into the West as well as developing and assisting in new ministries overseas.

               A logo is such a small thing, and whether you see it as a literal picture of a sunrise over Camp Grace, or as a reminder to ourselves about why and how we should be serving here, or as a reminder of our mission statement, we hope that you will see our God, our heart, our purpose, our ministry – us – every time you look at it. We are Camp Grace, and we exist to serve children and families, teaching them to love God, His word, and His created world.