Cabin Clean-up

1. Take a before and after pic!

  • For our messier campers: Take a picture before you begin your cleaning journey, then show us your clean room afterwards.

  • For our cleaner campers: If you already have a clean room, then mess it up a bit! Make sure  you only mess up your personal room and clean it up right after so you can achieve a good before and after pic!

2. Make your bed:

This one can brighten up your whole room and can be an easy first step to cleaning and organizing.

3. Pick up your items:

A good goal is to have your floor completely clear! Throw away any trash, put clothes in your clothing hamper, and any other items you have can be stored on a shelf or in a place to be organized

4. Organize your items:

This could be anything to your books or your electronics; finding a drawer for your controllers, cords, or even your drawings will make accessing them in the future a ton easier. A good start to organizing would be to organize your bookshelf by book size.

5. Dust and/or Vacuum your room:

If you're one of our younger campers or don't have much experience with these items, then get an adult to help you out with these

6. Extend it to your whole house if you want!

Just do NOT purposefully mess up other parts of your house for a more dramatic before and after picture. It might seem fun, but it can become a real hassle super fast if you mess up the whole house. Keep to your own room for a one-time pic. Also, if you're dealing with chemicals or cleaning an area of the house you haven't cleaned very much, find an adult to help you out.

With your parents permission, send your before and after pic to